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Care Rediscovered, LLC  is designed to be an adjunct program to a patient’s primary care physician. We offer medication administration, and preventative, acute, on-demand care for patients who may be at risk for neglect, or when time could be of the essence. A patient or facility can use our service to prevent admission to the hospital, transportation to an Urgent Care or Emergency room or even a scheduled visit to their primary physician. We provide patient education, frequent visits and check-in’s (both formal and informal) and Provider visits to treat acute injury and/or illness. 
Nurses will come to your home/facility and develop a relationship with you, know your name and your medical needs, and be supported by a medical team that can be reached by all forms of communication. A provider can be reached and will meet you at your home/facility to treat what can not be treated telephonically. The medical team can arrange x-rays and labs to be performed at the bedside, and medical consultation/reference would be available 24/7 for NO additional fees. This is different from other concierge companies who only set up appointments for you to come to them at their office. For us, your location is our office.

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Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide care to patients the way medical care was intended to those who need it most.

We envision being the region’s superior concierge care team for the elderly population by partnering with living facilities, using cutting edge technology and hiring and supporting caring, energetic providers and staff so our patients can receive the care they need and deserve, exactly when they need it. 


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We are always looking to hire the best providers and nurses to care for our patients. We offer competitive pay, a flexible schedule, and a positive work environment where each team member is a priority. Click the button below to visit our Careers page.



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